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Piezo Ceramic Transducer Ultrasonic Washing Equipment Parts / Car Parts

Piezo Ceramic Transducer Ultrasonic Washing Equipment Parts / Car Parts
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ceramic piezoelectric transducer


ultrasonic sound generator

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Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: CCWY
Certification: CE ROSH TUV
Model Number: CCWY
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Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: On stock
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20.000.000 PER MONTH
Product Description


Ultrasonic Washing Equipment Parts, Car Parts, Washing Tank etc


Ultrasonic cleaning machine technology has been

Thirty Years of history, Japan in Twenty-five Years ago began to use, but a misunderstanding has been plagued by this technology, so that People suspected of ultrasonic cleaning effect. That the traditional theory of ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning effect of bubble. Shibano Kayoung after the anti In the experiment, it is found that, in fact, the bubble is only a simple gas explosion caused by the strong ultrasonic wave. It can suppress or even eliminate the gas.In addition to the ultrasonic cleaner cleaning power, really play a role is vacuum cavitation cleaning. This finding the revolution in the field of ultrasonic cleaner Sexual breakthrough.

1987 Years, Shibano Kayoung: the basic theory of ultrasonic cleaner, in order to distinguish it from the traditional theory, his own research results Known as the "wild wood" theory, on the basis of the definition of ultrasonic cleaning technology for ultrasonic cleaning technology. He developed the theory according to this theory.Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, cleaning effect is much better than similar products, can successfully control of cavitation location, density,Efficiency and impact force.Other industry manufacturers spend

25 Minutes are still not good to clean out the welding burr,With the cleaning equipment of the Six Second

Can be removed within the other industry manufacturers equipment Two hour is still unable to remove the dense part of the flux, the two Minutes to remove, and To ensure that no damage is processed.


Main Features:
1. High mechanical quality and excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, providing a high output amplitude.
2. Piezoelectric element offer a high speed of vibration. Through bolt-on mounting, mechanical intensity and amplitude have been improved.
3. Having steady output amplitude even the load markedly changed.
4. Extended using temperature, ensuring good amplitude linearity. Lower resonant impedance , ensuring high conversion efficiency.






Ultrasonic vibration transducer is one kind of piezoelectric transducers. It comprises a radiation head, an electrode, cap, prestressed bolt, piezoelectric chip and an insulating tube. The ultrasonic vibration transducer is widely used in vibrating screen equipment factory (so now the vibrating equipment can have both the mechanical and ultrasonic vibration).



The application of the ultrasonic transducer is very extensive, it according to the application of the industry is divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military etc. According to the functions are divided into ultrasonic machining, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, testing, monitoring, remote sensing, remote control, etc.; According to the working environment is divided into liquid, gas, biology, etc.; According to the nature of the divided into power ultrasound and detection of ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, etc.






NO. Type Length



1 CCH-6845D-20LA PZT-8 95 910 20 20-40 5000 100
2 CCH-6850D-28LB PZT-4 67 666 28 10--25 7000 120
3 CCH-6845D-28LA PZT-8 66 625 28 10--25 5000 100
4 CCH-6845D-28LB PZT-4 66 624 28 10--25 6600 100
5 CCH-5838D-25LB PZT-4 76 524 25 10--25 5400 60
6 CCH-5938D-25LA  PZT-8 65 525 25 10--25 3800 60
7 CCH-5938D-28LB  PZF-4 66 510 28 10--25 3800 60
8 CCH-4535D-28ZB
82 425 28 10--25 4100 50
9 CCH-6845D-30L
61 550 30 10--25 5000 100
10 CCH-4838D-33LA  PZT-8 58 420 33 10--25 3800 60
11 CCH-5038D-40LA  PZT-8 54 300 40 10--25 3800 60
12 CCH-4535D-40LB PZT-4 57 300 40 10--25 4100 50
13 CCH-4838D-40ZB
56 310 40 10--25 3800 60
14 CCH-4838S-50LA  PZT-4 40 160 50 30-60 2100 30
15 CCH-3830D-54LA PZT-4 36 135 54 10--25 3200 35
16 CCH-4938D-68ZB PZT-8 79 535 68 15-30 3800 60
17 CCH-5250D-68ZB PZT-4 67 588 68 15-30 7000 120
18 CCH-4038D-80ZB PZT-4 53 290 80 15-30 5400 60
19 CCH-4838D-120ZB PZT-4 57 255 120 15-30 5400 60
20 CCH-4535D-135ZB PZT-4 28 215 135 15-30 4200 50
21 CCH-5038D-25(40)LB PZT-8 65 442 25 and 40 15-30 3800 60
22 CCH-3830D-200LA  PZT-4 42 135 200 15-30 3200 30


Company introduction:


Established in 1999, Beijing Cheng-cheng Weiye Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic equipment and piezoelectric ceramics.


We have close cooperation with the institute of acoustics, Chinese Aceademy of Science, Tsinghua University and other scientific research institutes and work together with many renowned experts in the ultrasonic industry within China. With a microcomputer control processing center and possession of advanced power ultrasonic inspection equipment, our R& D capacity in the field of ultrasonic products is superior to that of our competitors.




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