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Frequency Accuracy Free Capacitance Ultrasonic Impedance Instrument

Frequency Accuracy Free Capacitance Ultrasonic Impedance Instrument
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ultrasonic cavitation meter

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Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: CCWY
Certification: CE ROSH TUV
Model Number: CCWY
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Product Description


Frequency Accuracy and Free Capacitance Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer


Impedance analyzers can be measured and evaluated to match the circuit.

For the piezoelectric ceramic piece, can be directly from the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinate judgement device, advantages and disadvantages, if ceramic internal delamination or cracks, logarithmic curve will appear a number of peaks, the admittance circle diagram appears multiple parasitic round.

For the design, processing and assembly of the horn, whether it is reasonable or not, it can be seen directly on the map.

For the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machine, using the results of admittance circle analysis of welding machine state, through the analysis of parameters and graphics, to find the problem of welding machine.

For the production and processing of ultrasonic cleaning machine, vibrator requirements the vibration as far as possible (bandwidth and quality factor, resonance frequency, dynamic impedance). In the admittance circle diagram, as far as possible without parasitic round or near the resonant point no parasitic circle. Transducer manufacturing, incoming inspection, bonding transducer, cleaning machine for impedance analysis and measurement. The washing machine measurement machine can calibration machine of the resonant frequency and static capacitance, so as to match the power, the characteristics of the vibration mode of the analysis of the new resonant point, water the impedance, capacitance and the whole.


Impedance analyzer is mainly applicable to objects for various types of ultrasound device impedance measurement, including: piezoelectric ceramics, transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic plastic welder, acoustic, magnetic expansion material, ultrasonic disintegrator, ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic ranging, ultrasonic milk, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic motor, and so on all the use of ultrasound equipment.

Impedance analyzer is characterized by: easy to use, indicators and graphics combination, accurate parameters, low prices, the production of a very strong guidance.

Impedance measurement of piezoelectric devices is a prerequisite for the correct use of the device. For piezoelectric devices, by the impedance analyzer can get the main parameters, including resonant frequency FS, anti resonant frequency FP, half power point of F1 and F2, maximum admittance Gmax, electrostatic capacitance C0, dynamic reactor R1, dynamic capacitance C1, dynamic inductance L1, free capacitance CT, free dielectric constant, mechanical quality factor QM, mechanical and electrical coupling coefficient keff, KP, K31, k33, and can draw pressure electric device five characteristic curve (admittance characteristic diagram, characteristic impedance, admittance polar pattern and impedance polar diagram, logarithmic plots).





Frequency Range



Measurement Index

All parameter, graphics


Measurement Accuracy

< 1%

< 0.5%

Measurement Speed

10 second/piece(equivalent

to 600 scan dots)

5 second/piece(equivalent

to 600 scan dots)

Frequency Accuracy



Phase Resolution

0.15 degree

0.15 degree

Enviroment temperature

10-40 cº

10-40 cº

Impedance Range



Frequency Step




Ultrasonic equipment testing,

ultrasonic cleaning,

ultrasonic welding,

ultrasonic medical

Inspection production line of

piezoelectric ceramic below 1MHz


Frequency Range: 1KHZ-1MHz

Min.Frequency Step: 0.1HZ

Measurement accuracy: < 0.5%

Measurement speed: five seconds per pieces(equivalent to 600 scan dots)

Frequency accuracy: ±5ppm

Phase Accuracy: 0.15 degree

Enviroment temperature: 10-40 cº

Impedance Range: 1Ω~1MΩ

Frequency step: less than 1MHZ


Frequency Accuracy Free Capacitance Ultrasonic Impedance Instrument 0


Resonance Frequency: Fs

Half Power Frequency: F1 and F2

Maximum real admittance at Fs: Gmax

Dynamic Resistance: R1

Anti resonance frequency: Fp

Mechanical quality factor: Qm

Free capacitance: CT

Dynamic inductance: L1

Dynamic capacitance: C1

Static capacitance: Co

electromechanical coupling coefficient: Keff and Kp

Maximum real impedance at Fp: Zmax



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Established in 1999, Beijing Cheng-cheng Weiye Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a professional



 in ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic equipment and piezoelectric ceramics.
Notably in 2004, we researched and developed our ultrasonic tubular transducer equipment into a new product that turns the extreme inconvenience brought about by pipeline and vacuum cleaning into an easy task. This product has been widely used in distillation, mix and mill for various chemical procedures and has received much praise from our customers.

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