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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine , Non-Toxic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine , Non-Toxic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: CCWY
Certification: CE ROSH TUV
Model Number: CCWY
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Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: On stock
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20.000.000 PER MONTH
Product Description



BJCCWY-1607stainless 0.7L 60W  Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner With Timer and Temperature Control ,heating function


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Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Certain frequency range of sound waves in the role of liquid medium inside can play the role, this cleaning workpiece a cleaning technology since since the advent, has received the attention from all walks of life. The use of ultrasonic cleaning greatly improves the work efficiency and cleaning effect, past, cleaning blind Angle, blind holes and any hard-to-reach shelter evil people and practices always make people feel confused, ultrasonic cleaning of the development and use make that work with relative ease. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, ultrasonic cleaning with our daily work inseparable, ultrasonic cleaning machines through several generations of evolution, technology more advanced, the effect is more remarkable, also, the price also more and more accepted in professions gradually is widely used.

Ultrasonic wave travels at four thousand times vibration in liquid conduction, because of ultrasonic is a kind of compression wave, in promoting the use of media will be in the liquid pressure changes caused innumerable tiny bubbles, cause cavitation effect vacuum, when bubbles compression blasting, it will have a powerful impact, and ultrasonic possesses emulsifying and neutralizing action can more effectively prevent be washed away the grease to attach the washed object.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine , Non-Toxic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner

Description of Ultrasonic Cleaner:
The ultrasonic cell disruptor can be used to smash animal or plant cells, bacteria, gemma or tissue or scatter rare earth and various kinds of inorganic mineral powder. It is an ideal device to speedup chemical, biological or physical reactions, and degass liquid.
The ultrasonic cell disruptor can prepare emulsoid of 1/100 micron, homogenize mixture hard to be mixed polymerize some matters and separate out some other. Generally speaking, it can process various functions such as distillation, smash, emulsification, homogenization, soliquoid, aberrance, aerosol, quicken up exsolution and crystallization and preparing different kinds of biological samples under an electron microscope.


Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaner:

In all of the cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning is the highest efficiency, the effect of one of the best, so ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such effect, with its unique working principle and cleaning method closely related. We know, in production and life, need to clean a lot of things, need to clean and type of link also many, for example: remove contaminants, dredge the objects tiny holes, common manual cleaning method of alien objects and object shelter undoubtedly cannot meet the requirements, even steam cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning also cannot satisfy the requirement of high cleanness-degree, of ultrasonic cleaning objects can also achieve kill bacteria, soluble organic pollutants, avoid corrosion, therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is increasingly widely used in many fields:

(1) machinery industry: rustproof oil removal, Measuring the cleaning; Mechanical parts oil removal derusting, Engine, carburetor and automobile parts of cleaning, Filters, of filter dredge cleaning, etc.

(2) the surface treatment industry: preplated oil removal derusting, Ion plating before cleaning; Phosphorprocess; Remove carbon deposition; Remove oxide skin; Remove polishing compound; The metal workpieces surface activation treatment etc.

(3) instrumentation industry: precision parts high cleanness-degree cleaning before assembly etc.

(4) electronics industry: printed circuit board except rosin, welding spot, High-pressure contacts such mechanical electronic parts of cleaning, etc.

(5) the medical industry: medical equipment of cleaning and disinfection, sterilization, experimental vessels cleaning, etc.

(6) semiconductor industry: semiconductor chip high cleanness-degree cleaning.

(7) clocks first, decoration industry: remove oil, dirt, oxidation layer, polishing compound etc.

(8) chemical, biological industry: the experiment the vessels of cleaning, divides dirty.

(9) the optical industry: optical device oil removal, except perspiration, soot cleaning, etc.

(10) of the textile industry: cleaning textile spindle, the spinneret etc.

(11) petrochemical: metal mesh cleaning dredge and chemical container, switch cleaning, etc.
Specifications of Ultrasonic Cleaner:



type & specification



mechanical    0.7L

BJCCWY-1607stainless ultrasonic cleaner        



internal size: 150 x 85 x 65 mm


Competitive Advantage of Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Compared with other kinds of cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning machines showed great superiority. Especially in specialization, collectivization production enterprise, has gradually with ultrasonic cleaning machines replaced the traditional dip, scrub, pressure flushing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning process method. Ultrasonic applize high efficiency and high cleanness, thanks to its sound waves in a medium transmission are produced when penetrability and cavitation shock wave. So easily with complicated appearance, inner cavity and fine empty parts clean, for most of the oil removal, rust, phosphating process, such as in ultrasonic under the action of just two or three minutes to finish, its velocity than traditional method can improve the several times to dozens of times, cleanness can achieve high standard, which in many to product surface quality and productivity to demand higher occasions, the more showcases with other treatment methods are hard to achieve or irreplaceable results.


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